La Morenita

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Creativity comes from your mind, body, or soul. We all have a bit of a creative spirit that follows us. As children, we were required to take several kinds of classes we felt “didn’t matter.” Classes such as art, sculpturing, music, home economics, drama, and the list goes on. Little did we know, there was always the quiet talent in the room. Someone whose creativity was on full display, but no one ever knew who’s it was. It is those same talented kids who turn into even more talented adults. The problem is most of their life they’re still hidden, until we seek them out. 

My birthday was February 10th, and a couple days prior, I went out and enjoyed the evening with friends. We ended up at a club, with much laughter, and even more drinks. Not that you’re interested in my personal life, but I bring this day up because I ran into one of the most talented local artists in my opinion. With bright colors on canvas after canvas, and intimate details in her work, I knew she was a hidden gem!. Her name is Veronica Hernandez, or La Morenita.

Originally from East Los Angeles, she migrated to Phoenix at the young age of 5. Although she has lived here most her life, her inner roots still hold close to East LA. Her talent was recognized at the young age of 14, when her 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Fields, wanted to buy one of her pieces of art. With an outlandish price of $15, Veronica realized art work can hold different emotions for people. Life took a different path as Veronica entered high school, where art was placed in the closet.

In High School, she decided to do drama and performing arts. Peer pressure has a way of testing us to make decisions we don’t quite understand at the moment. It took many years for her to stumble back into painting, but when she did, it made noise. 

At the age of 21, she painted a woman looking at herself in the mirror, which was titled, “Self-Love.” Since then she has worked on her passion endlessly. Doing between 4-5 paintings a month, her value has gone up drastically, as she looks to have success for her future doing what she loves. Although she is riding her creative magic carpet right now, the talent is not too far in her family 

Raised in an “old school” Hispanic household, Veronica has persevered through tough love and hard work. Her father, a mechanic by trade, taught Veronica to work for the things she wanted. Not always the best at voicing his support, he has always had her back. She wanted to paint something he would love and see the true value in her artwork. 

Veronicas mother who is also very handy, is an excellent seamstress and loves to create little knick knacks for family events. Although her parents are a big part of her life, Veronica’s true talent comes from her grandmother. With the big smile from ear to ear, Veronica describes her abuelita’s talent as a painter. The Apple skipped a generation, but is still close to the tree.

Now at the age of 23, Veronica attends South Mountain community college in Phoenix, with the intention to eventually get her Bachelors in Humanities. With one day to own an art studio, that empower women  to paint with self-love. Likely hanging up her own artwork and artwork from Frida Kahlo, Veronicas ambition is silent but extravagant.  Veronica will feel like she “made it” when her room is covered from wall to wall with her own paintings. That is the feeling she seeks. That is the day she will no longer feel like the quiet kid in art class, that never acknowledged her own work.

Creativity comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes. This is similar to life and what we go through as individuals, and Veronica has proven that. No matter what the situation, we can still pursue our dreams.  Although fears and obstacles have a way of showing their face, we can find ways to prevail.

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