Who Should Be Featured At Camp Flog Gnaw 2017? Part 1

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

I'm a huge fan of Tyler, The Creator. Part of the wave of alt-rappers who reconstructed what it meant to be a hip-hop artist, he's become a mogul, although closer to Zuckerberg or Dyrdek than Gates or Jay Z. His Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival has become the one of biggest, and possibly the best hip-hop festival in the world. Last year featured forty artists, and here's who i believe should perform this year.

Rules: Odd Future members will not be featured in the list, seeing as they've been featured every year in one way or another. These members, according to Wikipedia, include: Tyler The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Hodgy, Left Brain, Pyramid Vritra, Jasper Dolphin, Domo Genesis, Mike G, Taco, Na'Kel, Lucas Vercetti, L-Boy and Frank Ocean.

A$AP Mob

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Most Recent Release: Cozy Tapes, Vol. 1: Friends (2016)

Last Appearance: 2016

A$AP Mob is currently one of most talented stables in hip-hop. Although superstar A$AP Rocky is the face of the group, the rest of the members aren't exactly slouches. A$AP Ferg has had both his studio albums peak in the Billboard 200 within the top ten, becoming one of music's foremost rap artists. A$AP Twelvyy has released his debut album 12, preceded by banger "LYBB (Resolution)". Rocky has recently expressed a desire to return to music, and recent social media posts have indicated a star-studded line-up that's been working on a new album for over six months. Unfortunately, the Mob has been mired in controversy over A$AP Bari's sexual assault allegations. If A$AP Mob wanted to put their music at the forefront, especially as one member returns and another debuts, a spot at Camp Flog Gnaw makes sense.


The Cool Kids

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Upcoming Release: Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe

Last Appearance: Never

Like many people who remember Tyler's rise to fame in the late 2000s, I was a fan of The Cool Kids. Like many alt-rap acts at the time, The Cool Kids became mixtape legends first, their smooth flow and self-aware sense of humor with 80s-inspired beats and a palpable sense of-dare I say it-swag. They were bringing back the classic hip-hop feel, rapping about bikes and house parties. After the legendary EP The Bake Sale, The Cool Kids released When Fish Ride Bicycles, a reference to when the oft-delayed album would be released. After years of solo albums and questions if the duo would team back up, Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks reunited, announcing a new album on the way. The duo has been tearing up their recent tours, and Camp Flog Gnaw is the perfect place to close out the year.


The Gaslamp Killer

Genre: Electronic

Most Recent Release: Instrumentelepathy (2016)

Last Appearance: 2015

I've seen Diplo, I've seen Z-Trip, I've seen Nick Hook, I've seen DJ Mustard, I've seen Dillon Francis-all talented in their own right. But The Gaslamp Killer is the best DJ I've ever seen. On the Run The World Tour with Run The Jewels, The Gaslamp Killer stole the show. He uses the music of his roots in the Middle East to craft a unique, groundbreaking set, bordering and balancing from hype to psychedelic. His music is tantalizing, mesmerizing, a journey designed to connect the audience. After a long tour last year, GLK is killing clubs across the country, and a triumphant return to the carnival would be a fantastic finale.


Lana Del Rey

Genre: Alternative

Most Recent Release: Lust For Life (2017)

Last Appearance: Never

If the release of Lust For Life isn't enough to get you excited for Lana Del Rey, think about this: Camp Flog Gnaw is one of the last major shows of the year. Generally on the border between summer and fall in sunny Los Angeles, it's a strange time of returning to real life and the nostalgia of the things that brought you joy as a kid. So who better to say goodbye to summer than Lana? A debut at the concert would be huge, bolstered even more by hits "Summer Bummer" and "Groupie Love", both featuring the aforementioned A$AP Rocky. Last year had Erykah Badu, Kamasi Washington, Kevin Abstract and SZA as changes of pace to the festival, and after attending last year, she'd be a star this year.



Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Most Recent Release: Gang Signs And Prayer (2017)

Last Appearance: 2016

If you haven't heard Gang Signs And Prayer yet, go listen to it right now. I recently tweeted Stormzy has the potential to be the UK's equivalent of Kendrick Lamar and I 100% meant it. The same way Lamar took Tupac's influence to new levels, Stormzy has taken the grime genre of Skepta and Wiley and catapulted it into the stratosphere. GSAP was the first grime album to go to number one on the UK Albums chart and he deserves it. Besides bangers like "Shut Up" and "Big For Your Boots", his collaboration with Kehlani, "Cigarettes And Cush" is asking to be sung at a festival. Bring him back to Flog to do it.


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