I guess you could label my music as "sophistically angsty college student" because, while I've always somewhat fit the portfolio of angsty teenager with my playlists containing the Smiths and Nirvana, I've dabbled in a few other areas lately: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young -hippie music!- Sonic Youth and some more recent rock, STRFKR, Cage the Elephant, Queen of the Stone Age. Also, my college journeys have brought me to find music that stimulates my brain yet doesn't distract with vocals, so I've gotten into weird, synth-y space music that makes me feel like I'm floating through hyperspace. 

Chani Danni

My music taste is a combination of arrested teenage angst and conditional growth. I love music that's derived from the punk and pop-punk genres but I recognize and appreciate when innovation and creativity are on full display no matter the genre. Because of my placement in the Boston arts scene I'm a huge supporter of local arts and talent also.

Nate Nics